Yogini and Yogi prostration footprints, Chozo Lhakang, Lunana, 2003

“You know about Father Mackay, don’t you, John?” asked Tashi as we were having a beer at the Om Bar, “The crazy Jesuit Missionary from Canada who got kicked out of India and was invited to Bhutan by our third King?”

“Auntie knew Father Mackey from when she and Mom went to school in Darjeeling. Uncle was one of his students. Father Mackey built Bhutan’s modern school system, started our first college. He was here for over thirty years and became a Bhutanese citizen. The King decorated him with the Medal of Honor and gave him the title of ‘Spiritual Son of Bhutan.’ In all those years he didn’t make one conversion to Christianity. His superiors back home thought he was a heretic. But he liked to say most Bhutanese were better Christians than he was; that the Jesuits taught him to seek God with his mind—which is impossible—but the Bhutanese taught him to hold God in his heart—which is prayer.”

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