The Church, 1976

“This is the Church of the Brotherhood of the Paradise Children,” explained Bruce Kramer.  “We would play music and OM together—talk about spiritual things. It wasn’t about Jesus. It wasn’t about Buddha, but it was about spirituality. We would answer questions for each other, and if anyone had a problem, we’d talk about it. So, it was a place to work out whatever was going on in your head that day.” 

“At the end of the service, we’d walk together through the forest, cross the road, and go into this giant wet cave. I mean, it was an awesome cave. We’d climb down into the cave, dive into the water, and then we’d swim underwater and surface in this little lava hollow. We’d be treading water or hanging onto the lava walls and eyes would slowly adjust and then we could see light shining through the water from far below. The cave was pitch black, but the water was a deep turquoise blue. We called it the Blue Room and we would do this every Sunday. The water was cold, so afterwards we’d go to the beach, lie in the warm sand and pick shells. That was a typical Sunday in camp.”

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