Diane and Richie, 1976

I’d been photographing Taylor Camp for several months when I met Diane Patalano on the trail one Saturday morning as I walked into Camp. She had seen some of the prints I’d made of the other campers, wanted to be photographed and invited me up to the treehouse she shared with her boyfriend, Richie Palumbo.

Diane was a willing and adaptable subject—relaxed and natural in front of a camera. Richie was more guarded and reserved.  I set up the tripod and used a Nikkor PC lens to control perspective, overexposing and under development to capture the interior shadows and exterior highlights.  Richie got up and left the house after only one exposure, but that one shot tells a story, became one of the iconic images of Taylor Camp, and was featured on the May 2018 cover of The Sun magazine.

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