Beach Volleyball, 1977

Nalani Kaauwai Brun was in grade school for most of the Taylor Camp era.  “We were just little kids, but we could go down the beach on our own.,”

“We’d tell our mother we were going to pick shells but really we’d be going to see what the Taylor Camp guys were up to,” Nalani’s younger sister, Sandy Kaauwai, explained.  “The first time I went to Taylor Camp, Nalani told me were going to see naked people!  Oh my god, naked people! Back then nobody saw that!”

“We’d just have the biggest giggle-fest,” continued Nalani, “hiding in the bushes, covering our eyes with our hands, pretending not to look, but really looking through our fingers. It was full-on Anatomy 101 for a bunch of little kids.”

“We’d usually try to go at volleyball time,” Sandy laughs,” when everything was flipping and flopping. It was a confusing time.”

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