Taylor Camp Book, 2nd Ed. - by John Wehrheim

                          Camp Book
Hardcover: Second Edition, 258 pages, 108 photos, fold out map of Taylor Camp circ. 1976, 11.5 x 11.4 inches.  
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     In 1969, thirteen Hippies-refugees from campus riots, war protests and police brutality-fled to the remote Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Before long this little tribe of men, women and children were arrested and sentenced to ninety days hard labor for having no money and no home. Island resident Howard Taylor, brother of actress Elizabeth, bailed out the group and invited them to camp on his vacant ocean front land-then left them on their own, without any restrictions, regulations or supervision. Soon waves of hippies, surfers and troubled Vietnam vets found their way to this clothing-optional, pot-friendly tree house village at the end of the road on the Island's North Shore.
     In 1977, the government condemned the village to make way for a State park. Within a few years the jungle reclaimed Taylor Camp, leaving little but ashes and memories of "the best days of our lives."
     John Wehrheim's 1970s photographs reveal a community that created order without rules and rejected materialism for the healing power of nature. The story of Taylor Camp's eight-year existence is told through interviews made 30 years later after tracking down the campers, their neighbors and the government officials who finally got rid of them.
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Taylor Camp DVD - Festival Screener Edition

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85 minutes

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     Sometimes, to see and understand a larger historic picture, you simply need to focus in on a tight handful of people that represent not only what was happening in many other places but also the dream of many other people at that time. 
     TAYLOR CAMP does that for the hippie era with historic footage, old photos and a pivotal sampling of the songs that energized the Woodstock Generation before it was all packaged and marketed as a billion dollar entertainment industry and their heroes changed from barefoot gurus with begging bowls and chillums to rock stars in limousines chugging Dom Perignon and hoovering coke.
     Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Kauai's North Shore and Na Pali Coast, TAYLOR CAMP captures the way that people looked, talked, dressed and acted during that turbulent period; and interviews conducted thirty years later give us a poignant glimpse of the eroding effects of time among a group that, for the most part, is still trying to live that dream in a society where simple living is not just hard-it's illegal.
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